10 Weeks to a Healthier, More Energetic You!

Reclaim your health and confidently make optimal choices for your family; Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, Lifestyle Optimization.

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Are you struggling with your weight? Your energy? Your health? 

Juggling your career and busy family life makes it difficult to prioritize food and lifestyle choices. Attempts at dieting and working out have been unsuccessful. Your family suffers from constant colds, viruses, or chronic conditions. That was my story, and is a common one. 

Modern life is full of attacks on our health, evidenced by the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. We have chemicals in our food, air, soil, water, and body care products. We have processed food that is making us sick and fat. We have a broken health care system that doesn't search for root causes of health issues.

This program will provide you with the tools you need to regain control so you can become more vibrant and healthy.



Hey You!

There's nothing more important than your health, well-being, and happiness. You work hard to put healthy food on the table. You make sure your family is getting fresh air, exercise, and a good night’s sleep.

You question whether you're doing the right thing. There is so much conflicting advice out there. You aren’t sure if you’re doing everything you can for whole-body wellness.

You want answers and confidence and HEALTH!

Thriving Health!

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Your Quest…

  • Energy & strength
  • Look and feel younger
  • Healthy body weight/composition
  • Strong immune system
  • Plan & prepare healthy meals with ease 
  • Kids who make healthy choices without the fight
  • And most of all… Thriving Health for you and your family!

The Block…

  • You can barely make it through the day
  • Skin shows signs of food sensitivities or aging
  • You aren't at a healthy weight
  • You get sick more than you should
  • You struggle with meal planning
  • Your kids are picky eaters
  • You are not thriving!


"Nanette is a great coach that takes a difficult task of living a healthy lifestyle seem easy. She educates, motivates, and reminds me to have fun and enjoy along the way! Highly recommend Your Primal Life to anyone looking to make a lifelong change towards wellness." ~MELISSA K

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I've Been in Your Shoes…

In 2012 I woke up to the fact that my family was in a health crisis. I thought we were eating healthy, but like most, we ate the standard American diet (SAD). I was overweight, and every one of us had at least one chronic health condition. I knew we needed help but had no idea where to turn.

I was busy building my career and juggling family life, like many of you, I didn’t have time to prioritize our food and lifestyle choices. I tried many diets and spent years killing myself in the gym. Not only was I unsuccessful at sustainably losing weight and improving my health, but I also damaged my thyroid, my hormones, and my adrenals in the process.

But worse than any of that, my family’s health was suffering. 

Over 30 years of coaching, training, and leadership combined with a passion for helping women reclaim their health so they can raise healthy families is the platform of my program. It’s about getting back to our natural state, eating real food, playing and moving our bodies, prioritizing sleep, and managing stress. It’s not about diet, deprivation, counting calories, or spending hours in a gym. I would love to help you reclaim your health.


What you can expect from 10 Weeks to a Healthier Family Coaching Program

During the 10-week guided program, we'll work together to transform your health with focus on mindset, nutrition, movement, and lifestyle optimization. And… we’ll have some fun along the way!

The Blueprint (Lessons)…

  • MINDSET First things first. We must address mindset if we’re going to be successful. Gratitude, mindfulness, intuition, love.
  • NUTRITION Most important of all, we’ll address what you’re feeding your family. You’ll replace food that doesn't nourish the body with beautiful, colorful, nutrient-dense whole food. It’s not about deprivation. Never will I ask you to count calories. You’ll improve your relationship with food and your body will regain the metabolic flexibility you were born with.
  • MOVEMENT Most of us exercise too little or even too much. You'll learn to exercise and move your bodies according to how they’re designed to move in much less time than you may think. 
  • LIFESTYLE OPTIMIZATION You’ll learn how to implement ideal sleep habits and understand how quality sleep can improve health, recovery, inflammation markers, and more. We’ll also explore how to respond and react to stressors. Play with your kids, go outside, get some sunshine, challenge your brain. Have some fun and love your life! 

After You Enroll, You'll Receive… 

  • A Welcome Packet with details about the program.
  • 10 weeks of 1-on-1 coaching and accountability where we'll customize a plan that will help you thrive. 
  • Weekly corresponding documents and tools.
  • E-mail access to me throughout the program for any needs or questions that may come up between lessons.  

I’m very excited to work with you and am confident you’ll be grateful that you made this decision!

Questions & Answers


"Nanette really cares about her clients. She makes every effort to see that you are comfortable with the program and goes above and beyond in answering questions and coming up with ideas and recipes. Every week when I spoke with Nanette I could feel strong support from her and she was completely accessible in case something came up that I had questions about along the way. Her knowledge and compassion balances with her ability to support clients as they work toward their goals. Not only do I recommend Nanette as a health coach but I also consider her my friend. Thank you, Nanette, for everything you have done to help me on my journey and to support me along the way." ~NIKKI R

Payment Options

10-Week Coaching Program

3 payments of $697

Payment Plan

  • 10 Weekly 1-on-1 Sessions
  • Weekly Customized Follow-up Plans
  • Email Access to Me
  • Kitchen Purge & Restock PDF
  • Shopping Lists
  • Raising Healthy Guts ebook - 6 Strategies to Ensure Gut Health For Your Family
  • Primal Living 101 ebook - Getting Back to Basics + My Top 5 Natural Recipes
  • The Primal Kitchen Cookbook - just to help get you started!

10 Week Coaching Program


Pay in Full

  • 10 Weekly 1-on-1 Sessions
  • Weekly Customized Follow-up Plans
  • Email Access to Me
  • Kitchen Purge & Restock PDF
  • Shopping Lists
  • Raising Healthy Guts ebook - 6 Strategies to Ensure Gut Health For Your Family
  • Primal Living 101 ebook - Getting Back to Basics + My Top 5 Natural Recipes
  • The Primal Kitchen Cookbook - just to help get you started!

My Promise to You

In the 10 weeks that we work together, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to maximize your family’s health, literally for generations to come.

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