Reclaim Your Health

in 21 Days

How many years have you had the intention to eat healthier, exercise more, or get better sleep only to put it on the back burner while you take care of "more important things"?

How about trying a different approach?

Are you ready to reclaim your health?

This challenge will springboard you into having a positive mindset, loving and eating real food, moving your body naturally, and making healthy lifestyle choices. 

And you may just impact your family’s health along the way!


The 21-Day Reclaim Your Health Program

This program offers you a chance to press your “reset” button. Modern life is full of attacks on our health, evidenced by the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.

Now is the time to reclaim your health. You can be the healthy, lean, strong, fit and happy person you desire to be, and I’m here to guide you through the steps to get you there.


"Nanette is a great coach that takes a difficult task of living a healthy lifestyle seem easy. She educates, motivates, and reminds me to have fun and enjoy along the way! Highly recommend Your Primal Life to anyone looking to make a lifelong change towards wellness." - Melissa K

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Over 30 years of coaching and leadership combined with a passion for helping people to live healthy happy lives is the platform of my programs. It's about getting back to the way our ancestors lived and ate. It is not about diet, deprivation, counting calories or spending hours in a gym. I would love to help you up-level your health.

Join me for this transformational program. Maximize your health!



What to Expect After You Sign Up…

  • During this 21-day program, you'll receive daily e-mails with the steps and corresponding documents for the day focusing on mindset, nutrition, movement, and lifestyle optimization. And… we’ll have some fun along the way! Make a sincere effort to follow this program and you’ll learn how to transform your health.
  • I’ll be active daily on my Facebook Page for any needs or questions that may come up. I encourage you to share experiences, recipes, wins, etc.
  • I’m very excited to work with you and feel confident you’ll be grateful that you made this decision!

MINDSET First things first. We must address mindset if you’re going to be successful. Gratitude, mindfulness, intuition, love.

NUTRITION Most important of all, we’ll address what you’re feeding your family. You’ll replace food that doesn't nourish your body with beautiful, colorful, nutrient-dense whole food. It’s not about deprivation. Never will I ask you to count calories. You’ll improve your relationship with food and your body will regain metabolic flexibility.

MOVEMENT Most of us exercise too little or even too much. You'll learn to exercise and move your body according to how it's designed to move in much less time than you may think.

LIFESTYLE OPTIMIZATION You’ll learn how to implement ideal sleep habits and understand how quality sleep can improve health, recovery, inflammation markers, and more. We’ll also explore how to respond and react to stressors. Play with your kids, go outside, get some sunshine, challenge your brain. Have some fun and love your life! 


"Nanette really cares about her clients. She makes every effort to see that you are comfortable with the program and goes above and beyond in answering questions and coming up with ideas and recipes. Every week when I spoke with Nanette I could feel strong support from her and she was completely accessible in case something came up that I had questions about along the way. Her knowledge and compassion balances with her ability to support clients as they work toward their goals. Not only do I recommend Nanette as a health coach but I also consider her my friend. Thank you, Nanette, for everything you have done to help me on my journey and to support me along the way." - NIKKI R

Reclaim Your Health


21-Day Program

  • Daily Emails
  • Daily Video Lessons
  • A 30-Minute Complimentary Coaching Call
  • Supporting Documents
  • Daily Access to me via my Facebook Page
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